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Worried about how to manage and monitor your employees from home?

 Since the ongoing pandemic situations, many businesses have started operating work from home. And there are chances of an increase in work from home culture. That’s why organizations are concerned about the work productivity of employees. To manage employees working hours and how long they are putting time on projects becomes difficult from home. 

But don’t worry with the right set of tools you can keep track of your employees. With efficient features, AttendNow is one such application that will help you track your employees’ attendance and work hours. Here is the list of the amazing features of the employee attendance app AttendNow that we offer to make your experience the best –

1. Attendance From Multiple Locations

When you have to mark the attendance of your employees it is tough if you have to manage multiple locations. At that time a question may arise if your employees are present at work on time or not?

Being on time at the workplace is the first step towards productivity and if you have to manage multiple locations sitting in one place then it becomes difficult to manage the attendance of your employees. But with the feature of setting multiple locations in the AttendNow app, your works become easy and efficient. You can set locations of your workplace you can check if your employees have marked their attendance or not.

2. Geo-Mark Attendance

With Geo-Mark you can mark attendance from your location accurately. It also enables tracking employees’ attendance. For example – If your employees are working on-field locations other than the main location then Geo-Mark attendance will allow your employees to mark attendance from anywhere and see their locations on Google Maps.

3. Mark Attendance Even In No Network Area

Imagine if you are in on-field work and there is no network then how can you mark attendance? Well here is the solution with our app you can mark attendance even in no network area.

4. Shift Management

With AttendNow users can assign or change shifts according to the demand of work. The feature runs effortlessly as shift management brings greater efficiency in both staff and admin departments. You can get a custom report from various shifts and reports can be generated according to the data that has been stored. There is another option available for the user who is doing overtime. They can easily record their time with just one click and their extra time will be calculated with their work time.


5. Selfie Based Attendace

Another great feature of this application is you can mark your attendance with a selfie. With a selfie-based management system, you can prevent proxy and fake attendance of employees. It will verify an employee’s face accurately and store the image in the system.

6. Holiday Management

With the Holiday Management feature, you can manage a yearly holiday calendar. Which will help you to keep updated about holidays to your employees. For example, if any of your employees is planning a holiday then he can plan in advance using this feature.

7. TimeSheet Management

Timesheet helps you to keep a record of where most of the time being spent. This will rectify the time wastage and help organizations to make better plans for using time productively.  This will encourage employees to spend their work hours prolific.

These are the features of the employee attendance app AttendNow but there are several other features also. If you want to know more about us you can contact us we will be happy to help.

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