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The employee management system has moved from manual markings to modern biometric and tracking systems. Every business relies on various tech solutions to manage its attendance system. An employee attendance system offers multiple benefits to the organization. From accurate time tracking, location-based attendance to easily integrated payroll calculation you can immediately generate your report. It becomes more beneficial now when the world is facing a pandemic and organizations have to maintain attendance across locations. This is even more difficult for startups and SMEs considering the costs involved. Therefore for smooth functioning, an attendance application is always required. Also, we will be sharing about AttendNow an Employee Attendance App.

Here are the 5 problems that need immediate attention. 

1. Lack of Attendance Policy

Lack of Attendance Policy can have a major impact on the organization. Poor attendance can cost you lower productivity and a lack of employee morale. There can be a number of causes of absenteeism but it directly impacts on company’s financial burden and time. If a timely attendance record is not maintained then it will lead to poor performance of the employee, failure to complete the deadline of work and limited growth will eventually affect the image of the company. Organizations have to maintain the trust of their clients by reaching their target which they cannot achieve without an attendance policy.

Every organization expects their employee to be present at work on time. Therefore punctuality and regular attendance play an important role in maintaining your organization. A good attendance policy should include the record of employee attendance and necessary guidelines for payroll management, taking leaves, overtime reports, etc.

2. Poor tracking by supervisors

In an organization, a supervisor plays an important role. They have lot of responsibilities to manage. Poor tracking by supervisors will ultimately cost the overall productivity of the organization. There are a number of challenges faced by supervisors while tracking attendance such as –

  1. Managing Absenteeism
  2. Unable to distinguish between genuine and culpable absenteeism
  3. Managing manual attendance record in spreadsheets 
  4. Accountability of leave request
  5. Keeping track of work hours of employees

 Therefore, it becomes more important to track management especially during the time of the pandemic to ensure efficient work culture. Proper attendance management will make work easy for supervisors. This will make them keep track of their employee attendance anytime and from any location.

3.  To identify inability of absenteeism is becoming a pattern

Employee absenteeism is a serious problem in the organization. It is defined as the frequent absence of an employee from the workplace. This kind of absenteeism becomes a pattern if it is not recorded. Genuine absence can be considered but validation from the organization side is also important to authenticate absence. When this absence becomes frequent it creates a heavy burden on the workforce. The unscheduled work absence affects employers as well as employees.

4. Managing Work from Home

Covid-19 has created major challenges for managers to manage the work of their employees from home. Many companies have shifted their workforce on work from home basis. Managers are finding it difficult to track employee’s attendance and their work time. Therefore it has become more necessary for organizations to switch on employee attendance and management tracking applications for smooth functioning.

5. Lack of distinction between absences, medical verification, and inconsistent attendance 

Another issue that organizations face is absenteeism based on medical reasons. Sometimes it becomes impossible to track absenteeism based on medical verification and inconsistent attendance for example – If an employee takes medical leaves frequently which becomes a pattern then there should be a proper management system that can validate the leaves taken on medical purposes by checking all the required medical documents. No validation of the leave system creates excessive problems within the organization and workforce. There is a need for proper employee tracking to counter these issues.


 Let’s talk about the types of solutions for these issues – For accurate time management systems, it is very important to select the best application for your employee management.

Applications such as AttendNow will help users to track their employee’s work time and the best part is this app is compatible with Android as well as iOS. Here are the top features of the AttendNow app-

  • Punch in & Punch out time with location
  • Mark your attendance with a selfie
  • Manage Shifts
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Generate various report

1. Punch- In & Punch- Out Time With Location 

This feature enables the user to start their timer or work time by clicking punch in time as shown in the image where the user has to swipe right to punch- in their work time from there they will set their location. With the function of geotagging the user can mark their work location accurately and this will continue till the end of the day. When the employee completes their day they have to swipe left for the punch-out time so that the attendance can be recorded. This process is very easy to complete and user-friendly. The process has been shown in the image below-

This will help supervisors to keep control of absenteeism where they can have reported on a daily basis about work hours and location of employees. The user has to punch in their attendance daily so that the supervisor can easily check attendance reports. 

2 .Mark Your Attendance With Selfie

Another feature of this application is you can mark your attendance with a selfie. With a selfie-based management system, you can prevent proxy and fake attendance of employees. It will allow the manager to verify the employee’s location. 

3. Manage Shifts

In an organization, employees work in multiple shifts, and for that proper management of shifts is necessary. With AttendNow the user can easily mark their attendance according to their shift. For example, if an employee has a shift time of 11 am then they can easily schedule their attendance in real-time. Here you can even customize various attendance requirements which are needed for a good attendance policy.

4.  Real-Time Updates

When you are managing work from home it becomes important to keep track of your employees and making sure that employees are at their designated location. With real-time updates, you are ensured that your employees are working efficiently for a day. In the AttendNow application, you can do this by taking daily updates in the report section where you can know how many employees have punched in their attendance and how many not.

5. Timesheet Management 

Every organization must keep account of the time its employees spend most in the workplace or project. It will not only let the organization know on which work their employees are spending time but it also helps to check their overtime, early arrival, and departure from the workplace. This process is time taking but becomes more hectic when done manually.

With AttendNow you can make this process much easier in which recording the works hours of your employees becomes a smooth process. You can take account of projects done, awaiting deadlines, and time of your employees.

6.Generate various  Report

You can generate attendance reports in AttendNOw on a weekly basis, monthly basis, or yearly basis according to the work. With different shifts, multiple locations you can generate your report effortlessly. When your employee applies for leave on a medical basis or for any other reason then they have to apply for a leave request where you can ask for required documents to validate the reason for taking leaves. This will make sure that your employees are taking leaves for genuine reasons.

Now you know what are the challenges an organization faces when comes to attendance management and that’s why it becomes a necessity to go for an attendance management system for efficient working of the organization. It will not only improve productivity but also improve the work environment, reduce the financial burden and boost your employee’s morale. 

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